A Balanced Meal is A Happy Meal!

Posted on 1 Oct 2014 .

Meal times are the best times, I am sure you will agree with me too. Each time I listen to the sound of that Drools® pack being opened, I squeal with joy. A lot of my friends however aren't blessed with such pleasures, thanks to the home-made food that their owners feed them, forgetting all about our special needs. So for a lot of my first time pet owners let me explain this a tad simply. Just like a human baby we have special requirements which continue till we are adults. This can be attributed to our gastrointestinal system which is created way different than humans. Our diet therefore should have essential food groups, lack of which leads to poor health and obesity amongst us. Thankfully my Drools® diet is completely balanced. It has real chicken along with other high protein ingredients that are critical for my growth. Its special animal food formula is easy to digest and keeps my gut happy. Replete with flax seed oil and other fatty acids it provides me with abundance of energy throughout the day. My Super Premium Starter Formula – Focus TM has prebiotics and prebiotics along with rosemary extracts that act as natural antioxidants thereby taking care of my immunity. The Super Premium Range- Focus TM has all the products that I may require while growing up. It includes a starter for young puppies like me, a specialised meal for growing puppies and something equally wonderful when I grow up to be an adult. Now that I have shared this wonderful information it’s time for me to slurp the bowl clean. For more details of the product range click here on tweet your queries at @drools.