All About Wet Food

Posted on 30 Oct 2014 . Tagged Wet Food.

I love my Drools® meal a lot and find it extremally delicious and appetising. While I love my dry food, I am always intrigued by the wet food Uncle Sam is fed. When the packet is opened, I can smell it from a distance and it makes me instantly hungry. I decided to ask mom about this, since she is the one who knows everything under the sun! Mom told me a lot of stuff about wet food and I decided to share my new found knowledge with you all. Wet foods are a much mushier and easily chewable version that can be used for various purposes. Since Uncle Sam is quite old his ability to chew food has decreased significantly and wet food helps him with just the right consistency, without compromising on his nutritional requirements. If your pet is missing few teeth or has a poorly aligned jaw, wet food is an ideal choice. A lot of pets do not drink adequate water (talk about being moody) and therefore may suffer from dehydration, especially during summers. Wet food comes in handy for such reluctant pets. Due to its high water content, these food options are practical and help in optimum hydration without any fuss. During old age and sickness, a lot of us tend to lose our sense of smell and a reduced appetite. Wet food with its rich sense of smell appeals to pets and is greatly enjoyed. Drools® has a variety of options ranging from chicken and liver chunks in gravy that are available in pouches and trays and scrumptious sausages available in mouth watering flavours like real chicken, real liver and lamb & rice. Mom tells me that Drools® is rich in protein and does not contain any by products unlike other products. Its special formula is also rich in crude fibre essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are building blocks of health. Once opened wet food lose their shelf life quickly but with tasty treats from Drools® around, you can be sure of a clean bowl always! For more questions about our products please call us on our toll free number on 1800-419-9990 or shop online at Woof Woof Snoopy