These treats pack in the wholesome goodness of a pure, nutritious and highly digestible snack and are bursting with real chicken. It has a rich flavour, giving it an irresistible chewy texture and madness in every bite. Simply put, it’s CHEWWACCA!

Apt for training

Training is critical for a pet and it deserves rewards too. The flavourful Chewwacca! treats are a great way to facilitate this aspect.

Optimum Nutrition

These treats provides optimum nutrition and are a great way to introduce variety as well. A powerhouse of vitamins & minerals it does not contain any fillers.

Flavourful Options

These have different flavours for different taste palates that will appeal to your pets.

High Quality Ingredient

Chewwacca! treats have real chicken as its number one ingredient and does not contain any fillers.

Importance of TREATS for a pet !!

Let’s begin by saying that training is important for pets. Imagine a situation when your pet is not obedient or further is not social at all. Treats work as a wonderful source of motivation and instil good behaviour within pets. A good treat also makes them strive hard to gain them.

They are also an excellent option for pets that stay alone for long hours, where they act as toys to pass time. Either of the two scenario, its nutritional aspects should not be ignored by pooch owners.