A Fishy Tale!
My friend Sasha is a Persian cat and she is too fussy about her food habits. Well what can be said about cats, that you would not know, right? I have been told that most cats display an erratic eating pattern which can be very confusing and hence it is important for cat-parents to choose their pet food wisely, just like Sasha’s did. Fortunately I and Sasha consume food from the same wonderful brand- Drools®. The cat food at Drools® is available under both dry and wet category and Sasha finds both meals extrenally delicious! A lot of pet parents feed the same food to cats and dogs, but hey we are dogs and they are cats and of course we have different requirements! While I may love more carbs in my diet, Sasha’s diet needs more protein and fat for her body. In fact a carb rich diet may actually induce obesity in her. Sasha tells me that the cat food formula at Drools® is rich in protein and other nutrients, specific to her needs and prevents her against obesity, hair ball formation apart from maintaining a healthy digestive tract. A lot of protein may be lost during processing and therefore Drools® is supplemented with Taurine and Omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for maintaining good skin and eyes. Drools® cat food is available in exciting fishy flavours like real tuna, salmon, real mackerel and ocean fish. It also has a chicken variant and treats that provide great variety to your pet cat. For any doubts or question, you can call the Drools team at 1800-419-9990 and they would be happy to help you. I hope you found this information handy, till then it is a bye from my end! Woof Woof Snoopy
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